1. Country / Region:
  2. Year Established:
    Jan 01,1991
  3. Business Type:
    Natural Stone, Stone Service
  4. Main Products:
    Gohare Limestone, Paver-Kerb Stone, Stone Artifacts(Sink-Bathtub-Pebble-Chips-Mosaic-Artifacts), White Granite-Black Granite-Red Granite-Green Granite, Red Travertine-Brown Travertine-Silver Travertine-Beige Travertine-Yellow Travertine-Cream Travertine, Pietra Gray Marble-Bronze Marble-Solo Marble-Botticino Marble-Persian Silk Marble-White Marble, Red Travertine, Pietra Gray & Black Marble
  5. Accepted Payment Type:
    T/T, L/C, Credit Card, PayPal, Cash
  6. Factory Size:
    15000 SQM
Contact Details
Amir Karimi
Telephone: |(Mobile&WhatsApp:+98 933 118 5343)|,|(Mobile&WhatsApp:+971 50 218 5343)|,|(Mobile&WhatsApp:+98 930 118 5343)|,|(Office:+98 313 380 1036)|
Company Address: Office1-[Mahmoud Abad Industrial Area, Between 20th and 24th Street | Isfahan, IRAN] & Office2-[#1603-Prime tower-Business Bay Dubai]
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